Recycle Books

Do you have books to get rid of?

  • Bring your books to us at our once a month sale or call us to set up a time to drop them off. If you bring the books to us we may be able to give trade credit for some of them.
  • If you have more than 500 books to get rid of we will pick them up for free (providing that you are within 20 miles of our location. We would not be able to pay for or give credit for any of the books if we pick them up from you.
  • We will make sure that these books either go to a new home or are recycled and made into some other useful material. None of the books will go to the landfill.

Here’s an overview of our trade-in policy:
• You do NOT have to bring in books to trade in order to shop! We accept cash, credit and debit cards.
• You may bring books to trade any time we are open to the public. You’ll check in at the Trades desk and we will evaluate your trades while you browse. If you have a large number of books to trade (more than 4-6 boxes), you may contact us about setting up a separate appointment.
• We do NOT accept mass market paperbacks (the smaller, uniformed sized fiction, beach books) for trade, with a few exceptions. We often can take mass market format science fiction and Harry Potter titles.
• We only accept books for trade that we can put back on the store’s shelves to sell. This depends on popularity, condition, and whether we have many copies on the shelves already. For every 2 books that you bring that we accept, the Blue Vase Book Exchange will give you 1 dollar credit towards your store purchase (e.g. trade 2 books and get 1 free!). We no longer accept DVDs or CDs for trade-ins.
• We will pay CASH or trade credit for QUALIFYING textbooks.
• If you are bringing in children’s books that cannot go on the shelves but would be good for our $10 bag bins, we
can give you 4 for 1 credit based on condition.
• Generally we do not take books that have heavy wear, are old editions, have extensive writing or highlighting, hardbacks that are missing dust jackets, or titles that we already have multiple copies of on our shelves.
• We try to take everything you bring in, but can’t accept every book so please be patient with us. If we can’t use your book(s), you can take them back, or we will be happy to recycle them so they don’t end up in the landfills!
• Trade-in credit does NOT expire, so you can save some or all of it for another weekend.