We offer well over 25,000 quality books, DVDs, and CDs for all ages. Whether you are 1 or 100 we have a book for you!  Browse dozens of categories, authors, and series to find just what you are looking for. 

We open our doors to the public EVERY Friday, Saturday, & Sunday! 

We accept cash, card, and of course, Trade Credit!

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Got Books?

We know, with all the great titles to look through at Blue Vase, you're shelves are getting pretty full. Bring in the ones you no longer read and get trade credit for them! 

You may bring in books for trade in during our book sale hours. Got a lot of books and little time? Just call or email us today and set up an appointment to drop them off during regular business hours. 

Generally we can give you 2-for-1 credit for any qualifying books you bring in. Trade credit does not expire, so use a little or a lot and get to reading! Click here to view our trade in policy.

Whether or not we can accept your books for store credit relies heavily on condition. Books with water damage, broken spines, torn pages, missing dust jackets, or a strong odor cannot be redeemed for credit, but we would be happy to recycle any books we cannot take to keep them out of the landfills.

If you have a lot of books and just want to find a new home, you can drop off books to donate (by appointment), during the book sale, or keep an eye out for our new donation bins, which will be available in Traverse City in the next few months. 

All books brought in will be either sold, donated, or recycled. We strive to keep our landfills clear of books, so we pledge to RECYCLE all books that cannot be sold or donated.



We are committed to the fight against illiteracy in our community. From supplying books to local jails, schools, and even a brand new library in Ghana, we are always trying to do our part to ensure everyone can benefit from the gift of literacy. 

Our biggest contribution to the fight thus far has been our partnership with Power! Book Bags. P!BB is a local non-profit organization that supplies reading and writing materials delivered in homemade bags to food and baby pantries around our community. To date we have supplied thousands of books to P!BB at a fraction of the price they would be able to obtain them elsewhere. Learn more here.