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a message from the owner

December 31, 2021


Hello to all Blue Vase Books customers,


     It is hard to believe that another year has passed by. I continue to be grateful for all of you and your support through the years. Some of you have been coming around since 2015 when we first opened our doors to “brick and mortar” retail sales. Some of you may have just discovered our store in 2021. No matter how many times you have shopped here, thank you!!!


     I also want to thank you for your stellar behavior, composure and courtesy through the past 20 months. In these trying times you have been individually responsible and courteous while shopping here at Blue Vase Books. I will echo what I said back in May of 2020 - that I am a firm believer in individual liberty AND responsibility. You are great customers. Keep up the good shopping while our employees keep up the good work!


     There are several things to note that will be changing in 2022, which we hope will allow us to better serve our customers: 


  • Book Finding Service

If we do not have a book in stock, we can order it for you if it is available elsewhere

Service start date TBD


  • Activities & Events

Children’s story hours, book clubs, etc.

  • Extended Hours 

We aim to open our store one additional day per week! Start date TBD


  • New Pricing Structure

View our updated pricing here


     I have kept our general pricing unchanged since May of 2020. Given rising costs due to a host of factors that need not be mentioned here, our prices will be increasing as of January 7, 2022.  This will allow us to keep up with the rising costs of being able to provide quality used books at a fair price. This will also allow us to continue to improve our organization in store and offer a wider variety of titles. 


    We will continue to take trade-ins and aim for the “two for one” amount in credit. This means that the trade in values will go UP proportionate to the new prices. In other words, if we “accept” a book, we will give approximately one-half the value of our store price for that book in trade credit.


     I am fairly certain that the vast majority of our customers will understand the need for these price increases. I am also certain that you will continue to be courteous and kind to our employees who work so hard each week to restock the store and help you out on the days we are open. 


Thanks again for your support!


Randy Kaastra, Owner

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